After weeks of lockdown, the social distancing restrictions implemented as a result of COVID-19 are gradually beginning to ease across the globe. As the world opens for business there are signs that the tourism sector, which has been hit so hard by the global pandemic, is beginning to adapt to the new normal with countries tentatively opening their borders to travellers.

While tourism as we know it shows no signs of returning anytime soon, one thing we know for sure is that we will travel again, and when we do we will have plenty of lost time to make up for. So, to help whet your appetite for future adventures, we thought we'd look at some of the restaurants you may want to travel to when restrictions are lifted.


Pujol - Mexico City, Mexico

The granddaddy of Mexico City’s vibrant culinary scene, Pujol has been wowing diners in the country’s capital for two decades. Run by famed chef Enrique Olvera, the menu features modern takes on classic cuisine with inspired iterations of traditional indigenous flavours. Eating at Pujol is a bonafide bucket list experience, and one that international diners may be able to enjoy again very soon if the government’s plans to open its borders to non-essential travel come to fruition.


Mirazur - Menton, France

Crowned the World’s Best Restaurant in 2019, there is a reason why Mirazur has set tongues wagging and tastebuds tingling over the past 18 months. This Michelin three-starred restaurant boasts unrivalled views of the French Riviera, but the real star here is the mouth-watering menu, built around local ingredients and the estate’s own produce. With rural France expecting a boom in visitors once travel is safely re-opened, this is an international eatery that will be high on everyone’s to-do list.


Dill - Reykjavík, Iceland

Sculpted by millennia of volcanic activity, Iceland’s otherworldly geology has become its calling card as tourism has skyrocketed over the past decade. But the incredible natural beauty is just one of the reasons why you may choose to visit this winter wonderland. The other, surprisingly, is the food. Often maligned by visitors, Iceland has a burgeoning culinary scene, and with the country set to open its borders to visitors this summer, it could once again establish itself as a hotspot for gastronomically-inclined adventurers. Should you decide to visit we’d highly recommend you check out Dill, the first eatery on the island to earn a Michelin star thanks to its novel take on Nordic nosh.



Tudor Hall - Athens, Greece

Despite the financial woes it has experience during the past decade, Greece has been at the forefront of Europe’s battle against COVID-19, so much so that the country is working to reopen to sun-seekers this summer. That’s good news for the country’s tourism industry and also for travellers who can enjoy spectacular experiences like a dinner at Tudor Hall, which boasts unrivalled views of the Acropolis alongside a menu that’s every bit as spectacular.



Hanchu - Seoul, South Korea

Widely praised for its response to the global pandemic, South Korea’s shopping malls, bars and restaurants are officially open for business after the country relaxed its COVID-19 restrictions. With tourism tentatively expected to return to this under-appreciated gem in the coming months, travellers will once again be able to enjoy everything South Korea has to offer, including a thriving culinary scene that has put its capital firmly on foodies’ maps. From Michelin-starred menus to traditional joints, there is something for everyone. But if you only have time to eat at one restaurant make sure it’s Hanchu, a traditional chicken and beer spot that is beloved by visitors and locals alike.

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