Food trucks began as street vendors selling tacos and hot dogs to casual pedestrians and have since become a mobile revolution, giving budding chefs the opportunity to start their own business and offering hungry patrons a refreshing and tasty alternative to the traditional restaurant. From barbecue to cheesecake bites, here is a list of food trucks in Austin serving up a little something different.  

Valentina’s BBQ

Owner Miguel Vidal combines his hometown San Antonio traditions with deliciously smoked BBQ to bring meat lovers a new concept in Tex Mex. Selling out of house-made tacos and sandwiches almost every day, this Mexican/American mini-smokehouse is quickly rising in the ranks as one of the best BBQ places in Austin. Find them at 7612 Brodie Lane. Must try item: Smoked brisket taco with sea salt lime guacamole and tomato verrano salsa.

Café Ybor

This small food bus serves up savory gourmet pressed Cubano sandwiches for vegetarians and carnivores alike. From beef to baked ham, this deli on wheels offers something delectable for everyone. With fresh bread, savory meats and delicious Cuban recipes, Café Ybor makes the list of the best sandwiches in Austin for food seekers on foot. They're currently working on a new location for the upcoming month, so make sure to check out their website to know where to go. Must try item: The “Miami” with baked ham, roast pork genoa salami and Swiss cheese.

Naan Sequitur

This cleverly named food truck serves Korean-inspired open sandwiches to all kinds of hungry patrons from vegan to omnivore. Mixing fresh marinated meats and veggies on warm, doughy naan, Naan Sequitur  is rapidly gaining in popularity for its curiously inventive sandwich combinations and quality ingredients. Find them at 601 W Live Oak Street. Must try item: Pork bulgogi with house-made kimche and sriracha aioli.

Bistro Vonish

For those vegans looking for a new gourmet experience, Bistro Vonish is serving up some of the finest vegan food in Austin. Chef Craig is dedicated to preparing creative vegan/vegetarian meals using sustainable, cruelty-free products and fresh, high quality ingredients to bring Austinites a one-of-a-kind mobile meal from a passionate vegan chef. Find them at 701 E 53rd Street. Must try item: Three sisters ragout with polenta.

The Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience

If you’re a dessert lover looking for a bite-sized artisanal treat, be sure to stop by the Celia Jacobs Cheesecake Experience . This ‘psychedelic’ themed bus certainly earns the title of “cheesecake experience”, offering a delectable array of tiny cakes with perfectly crumbly graham cracker crusts and a rotating menu that ranges from classic NY style cheesecake to red velvet and peanut butter. Find them at 1905 S Capital of Texas Highway. Must try item: Peach cake and white chocolate raspberry.