We’ve all been there; traveling on the El, looking for ways to kill time. What better than to scroll through the beautiful pictures on your Instagram feed, particularly those that tempt your taste buds with #foodporn? Before we go on to describe the scrumptious snaps or warn about the high likelihood of drooling, we get it -- you're not here to read, you're here to view. On with the images.


https://www.instagram.com/everythingerica/"> @everythingerica


has an aesthetic that is on-point, with restaurant choices that always veer towards the in-crowd. In addition, she links tantalizing recipes on her easy-to-remember website www.everythingerica.com .

https://www.instagram.com/312food/"> @312food

https://www.instagram.com/312food/">@312food marks itself as supporting local chefs and restaurants. Check out @312food for something pretty to stare at, as well as a way to discover new neighborhood eats.

https://www.instagram.com/sherriesavorsthecity/"> @sherriesavorsthecity

Pastry Chef by day, chef gourmand by night, https://www.instagram.com/sherriesavorsthecity/">Sherrie has some amazing shots. She especially knows her sweets, but has impressive pics ranging the entirety of the food spectrum.

https://www.instagram.com/strangefoodschicago/"> @strangefoodschicago

Always honest, always real, @strangefoodschicago shows how eating in Chicago is always an adventure. https://www.instagram.com/strangefoodschicago/">@strangefoodschicago's trips to “hole in the walls” throughout the city provide inspiration for venturing off the beaten path.

https://www.instagram.com/fabfoodchicago/"> @fabfoodchicago

https://www.instagram.com/fabfoodchicago/">@fabfoodchicago’s creator, Soo Park, has a depth of experience working for magazines such as Chicago, Ebony, and Jet. This background is clear in her beautifully curated feed.

https://www.instagram.com/mushroomstew/"> @mushroomstew

https://www.instagram.com/mushroomstew/">@mushroomstew is a little bit food, a little bit fashion, and one adorable pug. @mushroomstew is not exclusively culinary, but even when the content varies, the pictures are worth it.

https://www.instagram.com/chicagofoodauthority/"> @chicagofoodauthority

https://www.instagram.com/chicagofoodauthority/">@chicagofoodauthority succeeds in being the boss of gorgeous food shots. Ever colorful, ever appetizing, this feed is a feast for the eyes.

https://www.instagram.com/chicagofoodgirl/"> @chicagofoodgirl

https://www.instagram.com/chicagofoodgirl/">@chicagofoodgirl succeeds in making every day look like an easy Sunday. Mostly food, dabbled with a little fashion and the occasional city-scape, the vantage point from @chicagofoodgirl reminds us why Chicago is a world class city.

https://www.instagram.com/adamsoko/"> @adamsoko

So that the men of the Chicago Insta-foodie scene not be forgotten, enter the “Chicago food dude,” https://www.instagram.com/adamsoko/"> @adamsoko . He loves to eat and has a contagious character, which shines through in his ever-fresh feed.

https://www.instagram.com/carolynscooking/"> @carolynscooking

And last but not least, https://www.instagram.com/carolynscooking/"> @carolynscooking . Mad props to someone who is so devoted to cooking amazing, fresh food at home. She’s one lady who knows what she’s doing, and may motivate us to make our own home cooked meals every once in awhile (if only they look as pretty as hers!)