After returning from our visit to the beautiful Russian port city of Saint Petersburg with Sohight & Cheevy , we journeyed to the land down under to check in with Sydney-based duo, Porsches . We always knew that Aussies had a naturally refined taste in music and that the abundance of talent found in Australia was practically limitless. Jesse and Carl of the soul-infused electronic act are no exception to the fact, and were kind enough to chat tracks and travels with us. Check out the duo's expertly-curated playlist of dance-y and moody numbers down below and read all about their favorite spots in Sydney, their favorite cities to visit and go-to essentials when they're out on the road.

Location: Sydney, AUS

Favorite Spots in Sydney: Jesse: Mickeys Cafe in Paddington, Toko in Surry Hills, Bill n Toni's Eatery in Darlinghurst and Sushi on Stanley in Darlinghurst. Carl: Brown Sugar in Bondi for breakfast eats. The place serves an EPIC breakfast. Always fresh and the coffee is great too. Cho Cho San in Potts Point is a Japanese influenced menu. Fancy and delicious. For drinks, The Unicorn in Paddington has a relaxed vibe; you can play pool and darts all night long and the burgers are so good!

Favorite City to Travel to for the Food: Jesse: Melbourne -- Meatball & Wine Co. and Fonda Mexican are great. Carl: Bally Hoo in Isla Mujeres, an island off of Mexico, has the best fish tacos I've ever tasted.

Favorite City to Travel to for the Culture: Jesse: South Africa -- Such a rich, eclectic mix of beautiful and friendly people. Carl: New York -- When I'm in New York I feel like anything is possible. There are so many different types of people everywhere and so many places to go and things to see. It really has an energy of its own and I love it!

Go-To Travel Essentials: Jesse: Laptop and phone because I can't stop working and have a strong inability to disconnect with the internet world. Also a hair straightener and three pairs of shoes. Carl: Lots of underwear, lots of socks and Google Maps so I don't get lost.

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