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The recent  trailer release on May 23rd for the new Beauty and the Beast movie has taken fans (fine, the whole world) by storm. While the movie is not due to make its debut in the US until March 17 2017, you can temporarily sate your Disney fantasies with a stay in one of these five beautiful castles. Yes, your modern-day fairy tale does exist - we invite you to be our guest (Prince Charming not included). Without further ado, here are five castles around the world to feed your Beauty and the Beast addiction and satisfy your wanderlust at the same time.

Chateau De La Caze

Location: Sainte-Énimie, France Showing off some stunning 16th century architecture, the Chateau De La Caze has had a huge influence on the Disney classic itself. So, if the outside appearance of the castle might seem almost too familiar to the castle presented in the movie, this is because it was used as a creative influence for the Beauty and the Beast castle itself. Located in Sainte-Enimie, France, the stone castle hotel is the perfect excuse to live like Belle in real life. As well as gazing at the stunning property, visitors can sight-see in the surrounding area - the scenic gorges and nearby caves are not to be missed. 


Fairmont Château Frontenac

Location: Quebec City, Canada

The Château Frontenac sits within the walls of Old Quebec, a quaint gem in the heart of French Canada. Incredibly grand, and overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, it more than rivals everyone's favorite Disney castle. The castle itself is a hotel which has undergone extensive renovation, so its exterior remains appropriately historical, whilst its interior is incredibly luxurious. The whole city is probably the closest you can get to Europe, too, in terms of atmosphere - the narrow cobblestone streets, bistros and boutiques will make you feel like you're the belle of the ball (take that, Belle).  

Fonthill Castle

Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania Built in the United States (a rarity!), the Fonthill Castle exudes a unique, dreamy aura.  Made as a museum for an archaeologist's collection, its the perfect setting to feel more like a princess. With Gothic, Medieval, and Byzantine-inspired architecture, the “castle for the New World” holds just enough resemblance to the Beast’s home in the Disney classic. While the Castle itself is only open until in the daytime, tourists can enjoy Philly's delights all year round - the sleepy Doylestown is seeped in museums and culture.


Belvedere Castle

Location: New York, New York New York City has a castle of its own, a grand building that's open to the public year round. Belvedere Castle is nestled conveniently inside Central Park, and while it isn't entirely secluded from civilization like the Beast's castle, it offers a tranquil escape from the city's urban sprawl. Used as a nature observatory, the castle is the perfect height to look out over the surrounding areas. And pretending you're royalty? Well, that goes without saying.


Neuschwanstein Castle

Location:  Schwangau, Germany Used as an inspiration for video games and storybooks alike, the Neuschwanstein castle is the quintessential location to live out your fairytale fantasies. Being one of the most photographed places in the world, it is unsurprising that the 19th century wonder is regularly used by individuals attempting to “live like royalty” while on vacation. Although Neuschwanstein was used as the muse for the Disney castle in Beauty and the Beast, you can't not visit this stunning retreat. Labelled as the “Fairy Tale King’s” castle, the area is filled with countless magical sites such as Queen Mary’s Bridge an d Poellatschlucht, where the waterfalls are just as majestic as the castle itself. Have these castles not cured your wanderlust? Check out our getaway guides for Palm Springs and New Orleans !