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When you think of a luxurious getaway , restricted showers and waking up in a damp tent are probably not the first thoughts that come to mind. However, with camping such an essential part of a well-rounded summer, it's almost inevitable. Luckily, a weekend getaway in the mountains doesn’t always need to encompass back-aches from sleeping on the ground or stumbling to the nearest outhouse in the middle of the night. With a little innovation and (slightly more) cash, you can enjoy the great outdoors through glamping (glamorous camping). From rustic to ritzy, there are options available for outdoor lodging that would entice not only the outdoorsy, but even the self-proclaimed 'indoorsy' types. One such lodging can be found in Greenough, Montana at Paws Up Resort . Larry Lipson, one of the owners of the resort, tells VIVA “a primary goal of luxury camping at Paws Up is to provide guests with a ‘base camp’ to explore the wildlife, beauty and pristine majesty of Montana without sacrificing the luxuries of a high-end hotel or resort.” With 28 private homes and 30 palatial safari-style tents complete with a personal butler and chef, the luxurious tent-style lodgings are just that. Gourmet cuisines, decadent spa treatments, and amenities such as flat-screen TVs, wifi, cell service, in-home laundry, heated bathroom floors, rain showers, organic spa products and hot tubs are added luxuries. The serenity that comes with Glamping at Paws Up has also attracted many famous actors, athletes, politicians, singers, musicians and tech and business industry founders. Gwenyth Paltrow's stayed here, as have The Rolling Stones who at one point bought out the entire resort. Dunton River Camp is another location offering a grand camping experience in Dolores, Colorado. This glamping site has 8 large safari style tents with en-suite bathrooms and all-inclusive meals. Appealing to those  who desire  to be completely immersed in nature and disconnected from daily routines without sacrificing modern comforts, this glamping site offers outdoor activitie s such as fly-fishing, horseback riding, mountain bike tours, and spa services. The one (and only) downfall is that Dunton River Camp is open only during the summer (from June to end of October) due to it's extension from the original property, Dunton Hot Springs. With such a broad range of geography across the continent, the range of activities offered at these venues tend to follow suit. Canada's Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in Tofino, British Columbia offers five-star cuisines, spas, and 20 beautiful tents. To pass the time, there's designated tents for games, reading, dining, lounging and spa treatments, plus water adventures like kayaking or land adventures such as rock climbing and archery. Down south, t he modernly rustic Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo in Florida is the perfect spot to embody the socality Barbie in you. This resort offers a personal glamping concierge, fully air-conditioned canvas tents, and activities such as golfing, bungee jumping, boat rentals, zip lining, and more. If you're still not quite persuaded (really? who are you), you can still get the best of both worlds, nature and luxury, at Ridgeback Lodge in Kingston, New Brunswick. Ridgeback Lodge offers unique dream domes, plus a stargazer dome to accommodate the adventurous traveller. Japanese hot tubs, pellet stoves, fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms are a given, while the scenic view you wake up to is the perfect cherry on top. As an up-and-coming alternative for travellers who want to bask in nature’s beauty without compromising the services and cuisines available at an upscale resort, it's no wonder Glamping has such a wide appeal. Although a hotel can be a safe bet, there are many fresh options to choose from without compromising comfort and extravagance. If you’re up for a new luxury lodging experience, we recommend you start adding these glamping sites to your travel bucket list.