Search #mermaids , #mermaidlife or #mermaidhair on Instagram and you can expect to see well over 5.5 million results. We're not saying female millennials are obsessed with mermaids, but there's definitely an Ariel living inside a lot of them (even in spite of the US National Ocean Service officially reporting that 'aquatic humanoids' don't exist, likely crushing the dreams of thousands).

It's not hard to see why women feel a connection to the idea of mermaids, as the words commonly associated with them are powerful, sexy and free. With Disney recently announcing the making of a live-action The Little Mermaid  film, the interest has undoubtably been resurged, and now you can get in on the fun. Unless you're already booked in at the Mermaid School in LA, Airbnb has the perfect rental for any half-fish wannabe: get ready to take some impressive #shelfies at the Seashell House.

Located in beautiful Isla Mujeres, Mexico with stunning views of the ocean, you'll be able to wave at King Neptune from the luxury of your private pool. Built in 1994, the story of the house centers on architect Eduardo Ocampo (who lives next door) wanting to build a unique house worthy of his brother Octavio, a famous painter. It's recommended to travel by golf cart, so upon your arrival from Cancun International Airport, claim one of two beautiful carved, shell themed beds and start making friends with the tiny geckos that also call this property home. Literally everything is shell-themed, right down to the bathroom taps and shower head.

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