We've all been there -- wading out into the pool or the waves, holding our phone high above the water's surface in the hopes of acing that perfectly cool summer picture, sans water-damaged phone. While it often comes out unscathed if you're careful enough, many have also  had close calls. And instead of racing for a bag of rice or sucking out the droplets with a vacuum cleaner (yes, it works), you might as well invest in this genius little add on.

With the new Watershot Pro Kit , iPhone 6S users can finally submerge their phones below the water to get that ultimate snorkelling or surf shot. The kit keeps  your iPhone safe for up to 195 feet in depth with its tough polycarbonate encasement, and provides further protection by suspending it to avoid impact and abrasions.

For just under $110 you can get your phone outfitted with additional waterproof wide-angle and interchangeable flat lenses. These wide lenses allow you to increase the field view to 110 degrees, while an ergonomic finger grip allows you to keep the camera still underwater. As an added bonus, the kit also comes with a mounting plate that can be connected to your GoPro.

It's advised that you download the application for Watershot Pro to share your aquatic photography on Facebook or Instagram, and to also hook up to a GPS system (you know, just in case).

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