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Travelling to new places is all fun and games until you realize it's become more hassle than enjoyment, and more hectic than leisurely. With an itinerary to keep up with and people to keep track of, the last thing you want to be weighed down by is your luggage. Creative agency Wanna One had your urban traveling concerns in mind when they created Lock & Be Free . The goal of the project was to revamp existing lockers in and around Madrid that were lacklustre in appeal with their grey colour palette, narrow corridors, and dim lighting. The uninviting lockers have been repainted with a sunny yellow colour and the space well-lit to transmit "a lot of positive energy" and create a more welcoming environment. This new line of storage lockers has made its debut near Gran Via in Calle Jardines, a street in the touristy area of the capital, and more are expected to open in Opera and La Latina throughout the rest of the summer. Travellers can store up to 25kg of luggage at the price of 3 euros/day until June 30, 2016, after which the price will return to the regular rates. This includes a private storage room for larger luggage, as well as mobile chargers, free Wi-fi connection, in-store and online locker booking systems, and a printing service for boarding passes. The benefits of having a traveler-friendly storage system means you can spend less time on the mundanity and stress of carrying around heavy baggage, and more time enjoying the city. Happy exploring to all you wanderers!

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