Ever feel the need to unplug, get off the grid and connect to nature?

Ocean House is a floating eco-lodge located off the north coast of British Columbia that fulfils that need and then some.

Guests can choose from an array of activities that conspire to soothe the soul and ignite the senses. Visit the full service spa for a hot stone massage or foot soak after a day of hiking, then retreat to the cozy loft-bar with oversized couches surrounding a 360-degree fireplace. Let the bartender regale you with local Haida history while selecting from a wide range of BC craft beer, traditional to modern cocktails and an assortment of tasty pacific west coast wines. 

The kitchen and dining area is a central feature of the lodge, with massive windows framing jaw-dropping views of the inlet with eagles soaring past and seals searching for snacks.

The rooms are small, well provisioned and offer views of the inlet that bring back to mind the natural beauty waiting to be explored outside.

Daily activities include tours with local elders, forest bathing, visits to ancient Haida villages and whale watching. There is a quiver of stand up paddle boards and kayaks that you can commandeer any time as well.   

The Haida people, the guardians of the land, have been living in harmony with the natural surroundings for tens of thousands of years. As a visitor, take the time to listen to oral knowledge through stories and song that create a sensorial experience that underscores how interconnected we all are. A unique part of the Ocean House experience is having the opportunity to meet and speak with resident Haida artists who stay and work in a studio located at the heart of the lodge, and learn in first person, what life might have been like thousands of years ago.

The visionaries behind Ocean House want guests to experience the natural resources in a sustainable and meaningful way. With limits to the numbers of tourists that can visit each year and strict protective measures whilst out in the wilderness, the hope is that the animals, sea life and delicate ecosystem can co-exist with the Ocean House eco-lodge model for years to come. 

Interested in booking a 3 or 4 day stay at Ocean Lodge? Click here. Be prepared to fly, helicopter and boat your way in and surrender to a delightfully decelerated pace of life. If the fog sets in near the end of your stay, you might have to wait a few hours (or a day if you are lucky) to fly out.

Photos Allison Kuhl