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If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it? Miami's chosen to invest in a billion-dollar development, and it's quickly turning the area into the residential and retail hotspot of south Florida. While the development's completion is anticipated for the coming fall, their flagship hotel, East Miami , will be open next week. Besides the hotel, Brickell City Centre will serve as an up and coming retail centre featuring luxury shops like Saks Fifth Avenue and Valentino to match its $1.05 billion price tag.


belongs to the conglomerate Swire, and boasts locations in China's top cities such as Beijing and Hong Kong, where it has established itself as a lifestyle and business hotel. Similarly, the design philosophy of the Miami hotel will mirror the leisurely sentiments of its neighbourhood. The hotel is the brain-child of the creative minds at Miami's Arcquitectonia and New York-based Clodagh Design . Standing at 40 storeys tall, both the exterior and interior are cloaked in shades of grey, ranging from slate to charcoal. The inside of each of the 89 residential suites features fully equipped kitchens and furnished king-sized balconies, laundry services, and wood floors against sweeping window views, giving off a truly modern feel.

The hotel's restaurant, Quinto La Huella, is equally impressive. It was inspired by Uruguay's renowned Parador La Huella , which was named one of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants of 2015. While you can expect the same quintessential beach vibe and smoky flavours of Parador, Quinto La Huella's 9,700 square foot space and distinctly Miami taste are sure to set itself apart from other restaurants in Miami. You can find similar outdoor dining experiences in Vancouver, or if you're in the mood for Mexican food to go with your drink!

East Miami's luxurious designs and artfully inspired architecture is making an entrance all their own this summer that is revolutionizing the cityscape. Be sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming Brickell City Centre - it'll be well worth the wait!