Sweden treehouse 7th room trees

If the stairway to heaven is real, we've just discovered its location. Hidden over 30 feet above Sweden's forest floor, The 7th Room is reachable through a series of stairs and landings up to the home's underside, where you can admire the seemingly-invisible structure that hangs above you. Here, the website says, is the border between heaven and Earth.

The treehouse, which is part of Sweden's Treehotel, is made up of more than 1,000 square feet, with 800 of that being living space. The two double beds, sofa bed, lounge, bathroom and shower can accommodate up to five people, with the sizeable space decorated to reflect the outdoors through Scandinavian wood and organic textiles. The price per night averages about 15,000 SEK (about $1,700 USD), which can be split five ways and includes a buffet breakfast for all. The best feature by far, though, is the outside deck. Comprised partly of a pine tree and partly of a net, you're able to safely climb out to either watch the wildlife on the ground or lie on your back and stare at the starry sky. You can even sleep out there, if it suits you.

Large windows and skylights allow for breathtaking views of the Lule River, as well as the sparking Northern Lights come nightfall. Should you venture out, you can take advantage of a restaurant, bar, sauna, and relaxation area with TV and internet, or take part in activities like hiking and dogsledding. No matter what kind of experience you're searching for — natural or modern, off-the-grid or social — Sweden's Treehotel has it.