Despite what every sex-ed class may have told you, bigger is better. Well, when it comes to milkshakes at least. The more overloaded they are, the better they taste. Few places are as well versed in insane freakshakes as Sydney, Australia, proving one of the more decadent post-beach snacks. With summer on the way, now is prime time to devour the city's skyscraper-high milkshakes. On with the sugar rush, friends... 

XS Espresso

Multiple locations

Overflowing with milky goodness, the shakes at XS Espresso are loaded with Tim Tams, Kit Kats and cronuts. Honestly, it's a miracle that these things haven't made us permafat by now. You can book a table at any of their locations in advance if you want to stay and chill, or you can just rock up and stock up on their sweet, sugary treats.

Foodcraft Espresso

33 Bridge Street, Erskineville

Famous for its doughnut ball toppings, the creations at Foodcraft Espesso will tempt any sweet tooth. The most popular pick on the menu is the 'TellaBall Shake', which comes in Nutella, salted caramel, strawberry and vanilla. If popular doesn't appeal to you, you can always customize your own shake, complete with whatever toppings your little hipster heart desires.

The Vogue Cafe

109 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park

Milkshake masters at The Vogue Café spin some serious magic to create drinks like this. Classics include chocolate, strawberry, and caramel, but those looking for something a little less vanilla can crank things up with one of Vogue's infamous freakshake. Freaks in the past include the iconic 'Homer Jay' – an Oreo, white Tim Tam and Nutella shake, topped with Homer’s favorite pink doughnut.

Wild Pear Cafe

658 Old Northern Road, Dural

Looking like something straight out of a Dr. Suess book, these fairy-floss-topped shakes at Wild Pear Cafe are something else. Between the pink coloring and fluffy stuff, this rosewater milkshake will bring back those childhood memories of binging on cotton candy at the carnival. As a bonus, they take reservations for groups of three or more, so you can share the moment with your squad.

The Missing Piece

3326 Herring Road & Waterloo Road, North Ryde

The milkshakes at this café might just be The Missing Piece to your life. Forget all your adulting woes — it can all be solved with lollipop, ice-cream, and marshmallow-topped freakshakes. Should you need a little extra uplifting, the caffeinated coffee in 'The Hattrick' oughta do the trick. Repeat after me: freakshakes over f*ckboys...

Daisy’s Milkbar

340 Stanmore Road, Petersham

Painted in quintessential milkbar hues of blue and white, Daisy’s Milkbar offers a classic diner-style take on the shake. All-time favorites like vanilla, caramel and banana options are available, alongside the decadent chocolate fudge, salted caramel and Turkish delight. Go on, live a little.

Featured Image Source: xs espresso