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Vancouver's been blessed with a gorgeous coastline, so it's little surprise that seafood and sushi  are so big here. But step aside sashimi; there's a new fish dish in town. 

If you haven't heard of poke yet, it's time to familiarize yourself with the latest in, well, raw fish trends. Originating in Hawaii, the poke delicacy simply means fish that's been cut up, seasoned and paired with other flavours to enhance the overall experience. It's insanely tasty and we're insanely excited, because it's coming to Vancouver in the most authentic way possible.

A couple with roots in Hawaii are the ones to bring it to town, readying to open new restaurant,  The Poke Guy , soon. VIVA got in touch with the couple and were told that "it's about spreading a little aloha here in Vancouver with every bite." Promising, but what does this mean? Well, customers can expect food offerings in the form of customized bowls: a base of rice or salad greens, a seafood or veggie 'protein' and sauces ranging from wasabi to sea salt. Toppings will include avocado, crab meat, chilli peppers and more. All in all, yum. It's a pretty versatile dish that effortlessly fits in with Vancouver's healthy food scene.

So, any more juicy gossip about the restaurant itself? Well, the owners are keeping us guessing, leaving us with a cheeky: "We might have a few other fun ingredients up our sleeves, but you'll need to visit us to find out." They also told us that a location announcement will be made on their Facebook or Instagram page. Rumour has it, however, that this mystery location will be in one of the city's trendiest haunts (Kits or Main Street) and that the opening date will fall in either July or August.

If that doesn't excite you then this should: The Poke Guy will offer both daily creations for the indecisive as well as a heartening commitment to sustainability. So, with just weeks to go until it's open, join us in checking The Poke Guy's social media accounts with bated breath...

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