The Vans Park Series is the singular concrete skateboard park competition served up on a yearly basis to hesh-hungry eyeballs on this curious spinning blue planet we call earth. This year, men and women compete in Sao Paulo - Brazil, Huntington Beach - California, Malmo - Sweden, Vancouver - BC - Canada, and the finals being held in China. The 2018 calendar of events can be found here.

Lucky enough to be in Vancouver this July 13th? Pop down to the Hasting Skateboard Park for a show of sheer physical skill, strength and stamina. You can watch the defending 2017 champion Pedro Barros (from Brazil) defend his title against top contenders Ivan Federico (Italy), Karl Bergland (Sweden) and Alex Sorgente (USA) while the atmosphere gets all whipped up by the roars and cheers of three thousand plus turbo stoked fans.

For those of you who have never had a chance to watch world champion skateboarders compete live, prepare to have your mind blown. The gravity defying maneuvers get crazier every year with a mix of old school style and boundary pushing never-before-attempted manoeuvres. Ever watch a human perform a switch lip-slide to smith grind spine transfer and then fly into the 12-foot bowl and blast an overhead McTwist 360-flip? Me neither. But it might happen tomorrow!

Can't make it to any of the live events? You can watch the live webcast here.

For added bonus points, peep our VIVA Instagram feed tomorrow at noon (PDT) and catch our editor Tyler Summers posting live from our VIP spot with access to all the action.

After the show there will be a free concert directly right after the awards ceremony in PNE building. Punk band The Spits will be playing.

The photos in this post are pretty awesome, hey? Big thanks to Allison Kuhl for flowing them our way. You can find her on Instagram here and you might just spot some goodies from The Vans Park Series 2018 posted on her beautifully curated feed.