With Vietnam’s high humidity, unexpected precipitation can catch you mid-stride leaving you scrambling to find a place to hang out and stay dry. This happened as I approached the Fusion Suites Saigon lobby during an unexpected downpour. I was cool as there was a smiling hero of a valet with a giant umbrella and his comrade poised to grab my luggage before I could say a word. As this was my first experience at the property, this was the first of many situations where the friendly staff did whatever they could to make my stay as comfortable and seamless as possible, even to the point of leaving the front desk and inviting me to come and sit in the lounge, mint tea in hand while I was checked-in.

After a quick tour of the lobby and massage appointments booked, I decided to go for a workout and try the infrared sauna, which felt more like a German day spa than a hotel facility, lined with bamboo, meticulously clean and comfortable. I’m a dancer, a musician, and a martial artist as well as a Synesthete (a condition where senses are cross-wired), so I’m hyper-aware of sound and colours.

The building’s natural lighting, stylish blends of traditional and contemporary artwork and large beautiful murals on the walls hugged my senses while also giving me a feeling of space and comfort. In every corner there is lush greenery with plants waving a gentle “hello” at you. It’s magical. The rooms are beautifully appointed with wooden furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows and a giant bathroom with a walk in shower and huge bathtub.

Once settled in, I received a reminder of my upcoming massage with a gentle knock on the door and a staff member escort to the spa. The spa felt like I was entering another world bathed in a lavender cloud. I’m generally critical of the bodywork that I get done, and was very impressed with the skill of the therapist. The experience was elevated by being offered a choice of colour, scent, and sounds in the room.

I love South East Asia, and anyone else familiar with it will know how the ever-present single-use plastics are everywhere in daily life. After my massage slowed the world around me to a pace that offered some time for reflection, I noticed the absence of any single use plastics in sight, even down to the recycled paper garbage liner, individual paper packaging of the complimentary cosmetics in the room, kitchenette that was fully equipped with glass and metal cookware and glass water bottles with bamboo lids. I am also generally critical of my favourite part of the day, breakfast. A seemingly endless feast of fresh tropical fruits, baked delights and an omelette station armed with smoked salmon was truly impressive. The coffee gods have blessed this country with truly delicious coffee which means you must try a Vietnamese coffee, a true example of successful fusion of flavours. 

Fusion Suites Saigon Resort and Spa in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City brings together the best aspects of a luxury boutique hotel and day spa with all the moral feel-good moves of an environmentally conscious West Coast cafe, and does so fantastically. If you find your way to Ho Chi Minh City, cash in some karma points and do your body, soul, and taste buds a favour and book a visit at this absolutely wonderful resort.

About the Author:

Joel Hanna is a world renowned dancer, choreographer and martial artist based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and New York.