With summer fast approaching, there's no better time to book those flights and go on your dream vacation. But if the usual tourist traps aren’t appealing, then perhaps some of these unique destinations might. After all, there's so much more to the world than the Eiffel Tower or Disney World. While they've certainly got their own unique charm, there's no feeling quite as exhilarating and exciting as trying something very new. 

Kazakhstan is a land full of colourful diversity. The Gamin Traveler states that it is the ninth largest country in the world, made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie Borat. But visitors might be surprised that it looks even more beautiful in person, with its balance of cosmopolitan cities and vast forests. You might have heard that its capital, Astana, has been called the “world’s weirdest capital city," mostly because it has only really been in existence for around 20 years. It used to be derelict wasteland with a former prison camp situated there, too. However, it is now home to modern parks and landmarks such as the Bayterek Tower and Nur Astana Mosque.

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As the birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus is the epitome of a Mediterranean paradise. From its postcard-worthy beaches and ancient monasteries, to its rustic cottages and rocky mountain ranges, it's a surreal feast for the senses. World Atlas highlights the island's numerous UNESCO heritage sites, such as the Choirokoitia Neolithic settlement, Troodos’s famous churches, and the legendary birthplace of the goddess of love herself.

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Nestled between Mexico's famous Yucatan peninsula and the trendy Belize, Guatemala isn't exactly marketed to the world as a vibrant travel spot. However, this particular country has an understated beauty and a treasure trove of natural wonders. The New York Times recommend its Baroque architecture and thriving textile scene, which are lively additions to its rich Mayan culture. Not only are its colonial towns teeming with history at every corner, but they also have vibrant jungles, majestic volcanoes, and ancient ruins.

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If you're looking for a breathtaking destination with oriental flavor, Oman is the place for you. According to Lottoland, it's the perfect destination for beach bums and adrenaline seekers. So whether you're looking to relax on Oman’s stunning sandy beaches or go on an action-packed safari in the desert, there are activities for every type of traveler. Its capital, Muscat, is known for its traditional-meets-modern architecture, providing an interesting mix of cultural monuments and natural landscapes. It also houses the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, one of the largest and most magnificent mosques in the world. 

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A backpacker's haven and spiritual playground in one, Laos is a country with multiple layers for visitors to discover. By day, you could be floating down a tranquil river to admiring the surrounding and peaceful countryside. By sunset, you might be drinking a local Beerlao brew as you watch the sun sink into the gold-tinted waters. Here, it's all about the slow life and absorbing every moment, which makes Laos the ideal destination for relaxation.

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