The quest to find the best vacation getaway each year changes as you likely want to go somewhere bespoke and, perhaps, secluded. One aspect we truly adore on vacation is sampling different cultural cuisine and seeing what the local restaurants have to offer. Upon discovering this ultimately special eatery in Zanzibar, you might want your next holiday to be on one of the East African islands. 

The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar is arguably one of the rarest restaurants we've seen in quite a while as it's situated, pretty spectacularly - in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This beautifully unique eatery can be accessed by foot during a low tide and by boat or by swimming when the tide is high. A coral outcrop, this luxe getaway restaurant has a capacity for just 45 diners with 12 tables, making it even more exclusive.

Diners at the four-star restaurant atop an oceanic rock can choose from a selection of pretty daring menu options. Think creole creations, octopus salads (including the eyes) and even tiny insects or bugs known as cigales. If you fancy something a little more low-key there's also prawns, king fish, calamari and even lobster on the cards. The Rock has been open just four years and it has been attracting notoriety from all corners of the globe. Check out the endless ocean views, and you won't be wondering why.