A traditional African safari may have been on your bucketlist for ages, but we're betting that this adventurous experience hasn't even crossed your radar until now. The latest safari excursion to hit Africa's coast allows you to search for the most precious stones in the world: diamonds.

Known for their timeless beauty and incredible durability, diamonds are mined from the earth like stones, and this safari allows you to pluck them straight out of the seabed on South Africa's west coast. The full day excursion includes the Benguela Diamond dive, flight transfers to Port Nolloth and limo service to the glamorous Ellerman House resort. Here, guests can polish off their day with the 'Dom Perignon Experience', which includes a gourmet bento box dinner prepared courtesy of the hotel's executive chef. Oh yeah, and those diamonds you found? You get to keep them.

Certainly in a league of its own, the excursion does not come without a cost. Available to tourists starting September 1st, you can expect the adventure to total roughly $16,000. The good news, though, is not only do you get one exceptional piece of jewelery to gift or to keep, you also get memories that really are forever.