When you think of traveling round Africa it's easy to fall into generalisations about epic safaris and exotic landscapes, and to think of the obvious suspects for these, South Africa and Kenya. But one luxe new riverside retreat gives you the chance to experience one of Southern Africa's least discovered but most dazzling countries: Namibia. Nestled on the country's northern boundary, Chobe Water Villas lets you experience not just one, but four of the continent's amazing countries at once.

Built directly on the banks of the Chobe river, the lodge lies on the borders of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. Access is only available by boat, making it all the more magical, and upon reaching the resort the stunning backdrop of Sedudu Island and Chobe National Park comes into view to greet you. Oh, and did we mention the area is home to 50,000 elephants and 164 other mammal species?

The intimate resort can accommodate just 32 guests at any time. Guests can stay in one of the exclusive 16 water villas within close proximity to the pool deck, infinity pool, bar, lounges and a delectable restaurant. The entire lodge was designed with a 'sense of place' to ensure that you experience a blend of comtemporary style whilst still immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Africa.

Activities available at the lodge range from your more typical game drive to a 'Cultural and Sunset Boat Cruise', which includes everything from history to island drinks. And when you tire of the stunning lodges (unlikely), the country has a ton of stunning attractions. For starters, there's the Kalahari Desert, there's the the intriguingly entitled Skeleton Coast and for animal lovers there's both one-quarter of the world's cheetahs and the last free-ranging poulation of the black rhino. Sign us up.