Perched 15 feet above the earth is an especially beautiful Airbnb on Hawaii's Big Island. It is here that you can sleep amid the rainforest canopy, just 10 miles from the stunning Volcano National Park.

We're not quite sure what's more impressive; the dreamy interior, or the fact that owner and blogger, Kristi Wolfe, used sustainable materials to create this jungle treehouse, covering the 230 square-foot space with cork and bamboo. Located completely off the grid, the home runs entirely off of solar power, meaning the bedroom lantern chandelier that we desperately want for ourselves, is powered purely by the sun.

In the shower, you'll feel as if you're bathing in a jungle waterfall with tillandsia plants sprouting from the rock walls, and natural water from catchments around the house cleansing your skin. As the rainwater flows through the floorboards, it disappears back into nature. The floor-to-ceiling bathroom windows also open up to allow the Hawaiian forest air in.

The home is decorated with Pinterest-worthy DIY projects that Wolfe incorporated in the design, including a hanging bed on the underside of the treehouse, which made from trampoline and rope. 

While this private escape is tiny with just one bedroom and one bath, it's ideal for a romantic getaway in the treetops.

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