From the Caribbean to Polynesia, island destinations always make for a good getaway – but only when their beaches aren't overrun with tourists. And while the list of accessible yet secluded islands isn't exactly extensive, it's about to get just a little longer. 

Albania has declared that its little island of Sazan, which sits just over three miles off of the mainland, will once again open to visitors this summer. Closed since the end of the Cold War era, the former military base is now uninhabited save for a couple of soldiers on guard – but all of its infrastructure is still in perfect shape. Its intricate network of bunkers, tunnels, and bomb shelters are a potential point of interest for tourists, as are its invitingly blue waters and virtually untouched shores.

Occupying just 5.7 square kilometers in the Strait of Otranto at the mouth of the Adriatic Sea, the government of Albania is hoping that Sazan's reopening will draw history buffs and adventurous travelers alike, and bring a boost to the country's economy. And while its past as a safe haven from nuclear attack is intriguing, we can't help but look forward more to taking a dip on its newly-available beaches.

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