It would be an understatement to say that America has faced some rocky times recently — and as a result, some people have been a little reluctant to visit. But what if you discovered there were idyllic islands hidden away that just screamed ‘escape’ from the current political climate? Would you change your mind? Let us take you through some of America's best and you can decide for yourself.  

Vinalhaven, Maine

The state of Maine has a calm and serene reputation for good reason, but Vinalhaven, in particular, has over a dozen nature preserves to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you adore the trees, birds, a gorgeous sandy beach, or all three, this peaceful spot just off the coast is the perfect place for you to hear yourself think again without the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

Cedar Key, Florida

The beautiful Cedar Key is not quite what you know of the more popular vacation destinations in Florida. Here, you can enjoy the sites of quaint little houses, rustic sheds and chic shops, the equally athletic and breathtaking salt marsh kayaks, or take in stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. What's not to love?

Hatteras Island, North Carolina

If you still haven’t traveled to the Carolinas, Hatteras Island should certainly make it on your list as a must-see. This coastal town stretches 42 miles long and absolutely cherishes its water sports. Visitors can certainly hone their strength and agility here with activities like surfing. Also, look out for the black and white lighthouse along the shore.

Dauphin Island, Alabama

If you can forget the very recent politics, this state is filled with the utmost beauty. Just past the lengthy drivable bridge getting to the beautiful Dauphin Island vacation spot, visitors will be instantly hit with its country charm, complete with beautiful waters, a white sandy beach, bird sanctuary and historic fort.

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

Take a picture and send it as a postcard from Daufuskie Island, a stunning place not far from Savannah, Georgia (if that’s any indication of its charm and loveliness). There are must-see spots like Silver Dew Winery and the Bloody Point Lighthouse, as well as beautiful beaches to lay out on while reading a good book.

Sapelo Island, Georgia

Georgia certainly has a lot to offer, including the beautiful Sapelo Island — which not only has a ferry ride and town tour for visitors (we suggest booking in advance), but also plenty of interesting sites squeezed into its 11 miles — including a converted sugar plantation. Who doesn’t love some history mixed into their vacation?

Molokai, Hawaii

As if Hawaii’s reputation for leis, hulas, and crystal water wasn’t awesome enough, this extra special spot in Molokai has waterfalls, valleys and some of the nicest people you might ever get the chance to meet. And for an interlude, enjoy the delicious food between sun-induced naps.

Santa Cruz Island, California

One of the arguably most beautiful states has even prettier secrets, including the Channel Islands. It will take you only an hour from the mainland to get to Santa Cruz Island, where time feels limitless and you can take an adventure by exploring the lovely weather, wildlife, coves, and cliffs.

Anderson Island, Washington

Who doesn’t love lakes, beaches and a true getaway from city life? You can find that just a short ferry ride away to Anderson Island, enjoy a beer, go whale watching, and enjoy the novelty of not seeing any traffic lights for miles. Ahhh, bliss.

Smith Island, Maryland

Only 200 people live in this Chesapeake Bay spot, but that is certainly not a testament to the exquisiteness that is Smith Island. And if a solace getaway doesn’t sway you to visit, there’s the famous eight-layer cake with chocolate frosting that the state boasts is its official dessert. Yum.