If you've ever made a trip out to Amsterdam, chances are you've made a trip to the Red Light District. The area, which is famous for its prostitutes posing in the warmly-lit windows, attracts arguably more tourists than actual customers, and it isn't hard to see why. 

But the city is making moves to show more respect to the workers, and to stop tourists from gawking at the scantily-clad or sometimes naked women. As of this April, tourists will be ordered to have their backs to the women, and will no longer be allowed to take pictures. Shouting, alcohol and drug use are also forbidden on tours, which are now limited to 20 people and have to stop at 11pm. 

Though prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, these new rules should be taken seriously by visitors. Guides who fail to comply will be fined £170 (about $210 USD) and tour companies face a £840 fine (roughly $1030).

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