Europe's first avocado bar is opening in Amsterdam next month, and our excitement is proving tricky to keep under wraps. Avocado, the superfood and brunch fav, will be reigning supreme at The Avocado Show in De Pijp, one of south Amsterdam's hippest neighborhoods. And the Instagrams have got us breathless with avo awe.

You have gourmands Ron Simpson, Jaimie van Heije and Julien Zaal to thank for the eatery, and thank them you will when you realize it'll provide breakfast, lunch, dinner AND late night snacks. The definition of #foodporn, offerings will range from avocado chocolate smoothies, to the messy-but-delicious avocado bun, to the classic staple, avo on toast. In case it wasn't obvious already, every item on the menu will, in some inventive way, contain the dreamy fruit.

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Now listen up because we don't YET have pictures of the food that'll be served (though do stay tuned), but The Avocado Show has been sharing some mouthwatering images from food blogger Colette Dike. She has a ton of avo-filled dishes, so feast your eyes on this preview of what you might expect at Amsterdam's hottest eatery to-be:

Black Bean Pizza

The healthiest and prettiest pizza around, this dish is filled with tasty avo (obv), chili, lime, pomegranate, rose petals, and more. #Fancy

Avocado on Toast

The go-to, the star of the show. Avocado on toast is a solid snack for any time of day or night, especially when combined with broccoli pesto as it is here. 

Eggy Avo Bun

A burger you don't have to feel guilty about, this avocado bun is filled with a corn and feta fritter and indulgently tasty fried egg.

Avo and Feta Sandwich

So much better than the sandwich from your high school packed lunch, this bread is filled with whipped feta, broccoli pesto, and a TON of avocado.

Avocado 'Cake'

Don't let the fact this bears no resemblance to a cake put you off – the crispy rice waffle is adorned with sweet potato hummus, avo, and some spectacular edible flowers.

Avocado Fries

Surprisingly satisfying, this is your archetypal junk food, but with a healthy twist. Mmmm.

Fooddeco Avocado Fabergé Egg

Because why would you wrap avocado in anything other than smoked salmon? Served with a soft boiled quail egg to add a touch of class.

Avo Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is supposed to be creamy, and as you know, there's nothing creamier than avocado; plus, it comes with cacao and hazelnut milk for extra goodness.

Avocado Truffle

The king of comfort foods, this is stuffed with goat cheese and coated with bacon crumble. Bliss.