avocado restaurant featured

Amsterdam is about to get famous for something green, and this time it isn’t a leaf. We're talking about avocados, and plenty of them. Enough, in fact, to fill an entire restaurant menu.

The Avocado Show is set to open soon in De Pijp, which is a hip neighborhood in south Amsterdam similar to LA's Silver Lake or New York's Williamsburg. Simply put, it’s the type of neighborhood that would welcome the creation of an all-avocado restaurant with open arms. Every item on the menu will in some way, shape, or form contain the green superfruit, and they plan on featuring grub like the deliciously-messy avocado-bun burger, the intriguingly-sweet avocado chocolate smoothie, and the classic avocado toast.

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks, avocado just might be the drunk food we never knew we needed. While the craze may be dying down in the US, Europe is just getting started, and Amsterdam is fueling the fire.

Be sure to keep up with their beautiful Instagram page for opening date announcements and Insta-inspiration for when you finally sink your teeth into that green, mushy bliss.


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