After much anticipation and speculation about the contents of their menu, the Avocado Show in Amsterdam's De Pijp neighbourhood has finally opened – and it's everything we've ever dreamed of and more. Opening its doors in February this year, the green and superfruity restaurant was an instant success, thanks to its innovative menu and to its rapid spread on Instagram.

Besides the standard avo toast and the deliciously creamy avocado smoothies, owner Ron Simpson has really taken the ingredient and ran with it; guests will be introduced to finely-presented avocado-bun burgers, avocado poke bowls, avocado ice cream, a huge selection of avocado bagels, avocado salad bowls, avocado pitas and tacos... you get the idea.

Gone are the days of the simple guacamole – avocado has proven to be such a versatile and healthy ingredient that the Avocado Show is able to fulfill all your breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and dessert needs with it. And if eating the green stuff three times a day sounds a little extreme, a quick look at the photos of their dishes will persuade you otherwise: