If you thought eating in bed was reserved for your weeknight Netflix binges, think again. Amsterdam's hottest spot is turning multiple industries on their heads by serving food and drink to guests laying on luxurious, white beds. As music pumps and alcohol flows, guests are encouraged — nay, required — to kick off their shoes and relax.

The Amsterdam Supperclub takes eating in bed from sad to sexy; diners typically indulge in a five-course gourmet meal, which is served to the bedside by waitstaff. While you eat, you can enjoy nightly artistic performances, pulsing music from hot DJs and acts from around the globe. With a new theme each night, guest chefs, DJs, and mixologists frequently take over for an evening or two to add an even more unique twist to the evening. Yeah, that totally kicks Netflix's butt.

Housed in the historic Odeon building, the space itself is airy, with high ceilings and delicate design throughout. Artwork is also projected on the massive white walls to add a multisensory experience. According to Supperclub itself, the space is “more than a restaurant, a gallery, a bar or a club. It is all of the above,” and we’re convinced that they're right. Whether you’re looking for cocktails or experimental art, fine food or a place to rest your feet, Supperclub truly does have it all.