Bikes City Amsterdam River

Oh, the Netherlands. The architecture is stunning, the streets intricate, and the people friendly but straightforward. Amsterdam and its inhabitants unapologetically are what they are, with leaning buildings, centuries-old art, and relaxed green spaces and parks woven into the urban epicenter. Inevitably, as you bike along the cyclist paths and across the cobblestone streets, you'll find some ridiculously cool photo-ops. Because The Netherlands is 'the original cool', and Amsterdam is its heart.

As endless bridges and canals lead you to grand museums like the Rijksmuseum and concert halls like the Concertgebouw, getting lost in the city is part of its charm. Walking past the narrow shops and sprawling markets, you'll encounter everything from designer goods and vintage fashion to wheels of cheese and condom shops. From there, you can spend a lazy afternoon in the sunny warmth of a grassy park, stroll through the red light district, or stop in a square to snack on frites met (fries with mayo), bitterballen (deep fried meat balls), and beer. 

 One way or another, an Instagram is happening. It's inevitable, so you might as well snap away to get the best one. If you aren't already ripe with ideas, we've curated a few to get the creative juices flowing.