In case you haven't heard, hotels that sit at ground level are so 2016. From treehouse hotels in Mexico and Bali to rotating tower hotels in Dubai, it seems that 2017 is all about heights; and now Amsterdam is joining the trend with the new Crane Hotel Faralda. After four years of overcoming technical and legal challenges, the 50-meter tall accommodation is now open to the public and have already received multiple accolades.

Although not exactly a beauty to look at from the outside (it is an industrial crane after all), the interiors are another story. With four different suites to choose from, the rooms are surprisingly plush and glamorous, filled with chintz and enough amenities to earn it the Hotelier of the Year Award. And if the rooms aren't enough for you, there's always the outdoor Spa Pool jacuzzi overlooking the city, a studio for live concerts and parties, and even rope jumping.

Each suite boasts unbeatable views over Amsterdam that fluctuate as the crane moves. And while the location might have you worried about safety and accessibility, don't worry – Faralda guarantees a high security system in place, with bodyguards and personal hostesses on demand.