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Maybe it's the weed, the open sexual culture, the incredible cheese, or just the super-tall, friendly people, but Amsterdam is officially the most ideal city in the world for Millennials. 

Yes, apartment-hunting site Nestpick recently did a study on the best cities for discerning Millennials, and Amsterdam was at the top of the list. Studying thousands of cities globally, factors were about as relevant to our generation as they can get, including: affordable access to the essentials that young people need to survive, a sense of openness and tolerence, and a chance to kick back and relax. Additional points for internet speeds and beer rankings, naturally.

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Second on the list came Berlin, with Munich, Lisbon, Antwerp, and Barcelona thereafter. Funnily enough, European cities actually dominated the entire top ten, with just Vancouver, Canada squeezing in as the one exception (it came in tenth place). As for the US, well, it didn't even make the top 20. In fact, Austin was the first US to make the list, ranked at number 41. So whether the thought of traveling to Europe genuinely excites you or you're just curious about who else made the cut, we've given the full top-twenty list below:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
2. Berlin, Germany
3. Munich, Germany
4. Lisbon, Portugal
5. Antwerp, Belgium
6. Barcelona, Spain
7. Lyon, France
8. Cologne, Germany
9. Paris, France
10. Vancouver, Canada
11. Lille, France
12. Zurich, Switzerland
13. Valencia, Spain
14. The Hague, Netherlands
15. Montreal, Canada
16. London, United Kingdom
17. Rotterdam, Netherlands
18. Nantes, France
19. Prague, Czech Republic
20. Helsinki, Finland

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