a couple tables inside Arizona's Cavern Grotto restaurant

Earlier this week we published an article about a bar located 800 feet above Bangkok, and now we're bringing you underground, to a newly opened restaurant 210 feet beneath the state of Arizona. 

Cavern Grotto is located deep within the caverns of the Grand Canyon, marking its entrance at 21 stories beneath the Earth's surface. And while intricate geological formations dating back 345 million years kind of come with the location, visitors will also be pleasantly surprised by the dining options. With American comfort food served up in the style of all-you-can-eat lunches and dinners ($49.95 and $69.95, respectively), it isn't exactly something that you'd expect to find in such a spot.

As you can probably imagine, the dining room itself is quite intimate, with only four tables in the entire place. And while you may have to wait awhile for a seat, once you're in you can enjoy the stunning views of the caves in a way you can't quite do anywhere else. As John McEnulty, one of the cavern's three managing partners, said in an interview with the Smothsonian, “During our tours, there’s not much time to linger in just one spot, since there’s so much to see. With Cavern Grotto, people will be able to soak up the cavern and feel like they’re a part of it.”

 So there you have it, adventure seekers. You can wine and dine 210 feet beneath the Earth and see some awe-inspiring sights while you're at it. How many people can really say that?