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So you’ve met someone and the sparks are flying. Or maybe you’re dying to make a move and all you need is the right opportunity. Everyone knows the familiar haunts in east Austin, but where does one go for the perfect date? From flirting and first kisses to announcing exclusivity and memorable milestones, give them an unforgettable evening at these great East Austin spots.


First Date

Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms; it’s time for the first date. You’re not sure what to expect and you’re looking for a casual, non-committal location. For a group date, Supper Friends offers expertly prepared 3 course meals in a communal dining setting, which means there's plenty of other people around to break the ice. Or for a cool, casual coffee date, try Japanese inspired Sa-Ten , which serves great coffee in a fun, unique atmosphere. Try sharing a plate of the Ebi fries with pan-fried gulf shrimp.

Second Date

You’re past the introductions and awkward silences, so it’s time to get to know one another a little more. Keeping things light and relaxed, you look for your second date spot. For a fun game of ski ball and generously poured drinks, take your date to Full Circle Bar  (tip: share a ski ball table for a chance to get a little closer). Then finish off with more drinks and gourmet pizza at Bufalina. We recommend  sharing the pizza calabrese with tomato, mozzarella and salami.

I think I like you

You’re dressed to impress and inching towards those three little words. You need the right setting for drinks and deep conversation where you can really open up.

For a romantic rooftop dinner date, try The Hightower , which offers upscale outdoor dining and craft cocktails. For modern Italian cuisine in a gorgeous, intimate setting go to dinner at Juniper . A plate of Prosciutto San Daniele with peaches and honey vinegar comes strongly endorsed.

It's Exclusive

Things are really heating up and you both feel it. Your legs lightly brush one another's and the come-hither looks are undeniable. To set the right mood, try upscale sushi and sake at Fukomoto , or for even more romance and passion, dim the lights and dine on late night French decadence at Justine’s Brasserie . Try sharing a plate of the Escargot a la Bourguignonne with a parsley butter sauce.

Happy Anniversary

You’ve made it through all the firsts and the fights, and now it’s time to celebrate your first anniversary together. For authentic Argentinian cuisine take your significant other to dinner at the famous Buenos Aires Café and stop by the Milonga Room for tasty hand crafted cocktails. Or if you’re looking for something a little more chic for your special occasion, reserve a table for two at Qui and talk about your future over dinner and drinks from renowned chef Paul Qui. Try sharing the salmon handrolls served on a bed of sarsaparilla leaves.