Austin’s a city full of food trucks. You name the cuisine, and there’s bound to be a restaurant on wheels serving up just that style of food. What you might not expect, is a broad spectrum of food trucks dishing out snacks, meals and treats in 100 percent vegan-style. Just looking at the food, you might not even know it’s meat, egg, and dairy-free, but when you bite into it, you definitely won't. Oh yeah, it's equally as good as it is guilt-free.

BBQ Revolution

2421 Webberville Road

Often voted one of the top vegan food trucks nationwide, BBQ Revolution supplies Austinites with BBQ-style meats and side dishes on the eastside near The Lost Well. For $10, you can walk away with a combo meal of brisket, ribs or smokey curls all made from meat-free proteins and two sides. The meal wouldn’t be complete without BBQ staples to select from like bacon ranch pasta salad, mac n cheeze, coleslaw and baked beans. If you’re lucky, you’ll drop by on a day when the owner gets creative with the mac n cheeze by making it pizza-styled or extra spicy with sriracha. FYI, this food truck is known to sell out before the end of the day so show up early.


900 Red River Street

This food truck is the answer to your late-night burger craving, except it’s totally guilt-free. Walk up to the window at Spider House Café or Cheer Up Charlie’s and order a bac’n cheeze burger, BBQ burger or chipotle chik’n sandwich. Any choice will fool your taste buds into thinking you’re actually biting into a piece of meat smothered in cheese and bacon, BBQ sauce or chipotle mayo. Feeling hesitant about trying out fake meat products? You shouldn't, but you can always walk away with an order of tator tots and sweet potato fries instead.

Unity Vegan Kitchen

415 Jessie Street

Located off Barton Springs Road, Unity Vegan Kitchen is ready to take on any challenge. You name a meal, and they’ll make it vegan. The weekly menu rotates featuring items like meatball subs, corn dogs and curly fries, chimichangas and philly cheesesteaks. Need a new place to brunch this weekend? Vegan or not, come test out their chickun and waffles to get a taste of the star item on the menu. The dish is smothered in gravy and topped with breaded chicken pieces to cover all your brunch needs.

Doggie Style

601 W Live Oak Street

Newly opened off South 1st street, Doggie Style filled a vegan void in Austin. This food truck isn’t afraid to get creative to draw customers in with its unique hot dogs and side dishes. Choose the hot dog with ketchup, mustard, relish and onion to satisfy your basic hot dog needs. If you’re wanting to try something new, go out on a limb and order the walking taco hot dog complete with coney sauce, queso and fritos. Either way, you won’t debate whether you’re eating fake meat or a pork product when you bite into these dogs. Make it a meal with nachos or chili cheese fries. Stop by on a Sunday between 12-3, and you’ll even get a bonus free beer.

Biscuits and Groovy

5015 Duval Street

Chow down at Biscuits and Groovy for breakfast during the week or brunch on the weekend at their location off 51st street or Barton Springs Road. All items on the menu start off with three biscuits and gravy. Add sausage, green onions, cheese, bacon, jalapenos, eggs, potatoes and more to indulge. What makes Biscuits and Groovy unique is that it serves up food normal, vegetarian or vegan to accommodate its customers. Place each meal side-by-side for a blind taste test to see if you can identify what’s what.