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How many times have you boarded your flight just to be seated near someone with totally tempting food? Too often we've drooled over someone else's travel snack, having food envy for not having thought of grabbing something outside of the airport before boarding.

Now thanks to Austin's sparkly new South Terminal, you can easily grab some delicious fanfare without even having to think about it. Located just past security at a fenced-in patio, a rotating assortment of food trucks will be ready and waiting — and exactly when you have tons of time to kill. Genius? We think so.

The new terminal is somewhat separated from the rest of the airport, having only three gates and service with Allegiant Airlines so far. That said, it's a beautiful little space with a retro interior design and exterior white canopies. Rumor has it the terminal will be hosting more airlines soon, and building an area for indoor access to the food trucks. So yeah, it's going to get even better — if that's possible.

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