In light of this damned election, we're looking for a faraway escape, removed from the Trump bandwagon and BS candidate speeches. Cue The Pole House. Towering high on a steel stilt, overlooking Australia's seriously beautiful Great Ocean Road, you'll find this brag-worthy beach stay 80 miles southwest of Melbourne.

Originally built in 1978 (and then redesigned/pimped out in 2014), The Pole House prides itself on its weird lollypop-like design. Perched 130 feet off the ground, this aerial holiday house is neighbored by 30 miles of coastline, with 200-degree views of ocean to match. Buuuuut, if heights aren't your thing, best look away now — the only way to access The Pole House is via a 100-foot glass ramp. If you can battle your fears, though, you'll be rewarded with one blow-your-socks-off interior. Think floor-to-ceiling windows and a wraparound verandah for maximum beach-viewage, super sleek furnishings and a suspended fireplace that echoes the 'floating' design of the house. Necessary? No. But that's kind of the whole point of the place.

To book this private property for a couple nights, it'll set you back a cool $1100 USD, but who cares? With lush greenery at your back and sparkling sea at the front, everything else (especially that election) is nonsense.