Maatsuyker Island

There's a classic question out there that goes 'if you were stranded on an island and could only bring one thing, what would it be?' The answers are varied, of course, but if you're one who'd say 'my significant other', then well, we've found your island. 

In a Facebook post last month, Australia's Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service put out a request for a caretaker of Maatsuyker Island. Better yet, a couple of caretakers due to safety reasons at the remote location. The post stated that they're looking for "self-sufficient people that are healthy, have a proven ability to live and work in remote locations, and are able to carry out caretaking services including maintenance of grounds, buildings, and plant and equipment." Considering you'd literally live on an island, the chosen applicant would also be trained to observe weather patterns and report them to the Bureau of Meteorology, for which they'd receive payment.

Of course, a remote island doesn't always translate to paradise, and six months can feel like an eternity under rugged circumstances. Maatsuyker has no TV or internet, no access to the mainland for three months at a time, and no other life aside from the that in the wild. And while penguins, New Zealand fur seals and northern soft-plumaged petrels are beautiful, you might not be without the right amenities. You'd need to bring your own food, clothing, entertainment, and bedding to fill the 19th-century lighthouse keeper's house that you'd call home. But hey, where else can you score a four-bedroom place rent free?

To apply, each individual person has to fill out this application on the Tasmania Parks & Wildlife Service website. Closing on January 30th, you'll need to act fast, and prepare yourself to potentially move in less than two month's time. Yup, it's already mid-January and volunteers are chosen for either March to September or September to March. Looks like there's a new question worth asking: would you do it?