A king bed in a deluxe room at Well Hotel Bangkok

What would have been a chilly December day at home was a balmy night in Bangkok, Thailand. Taxiing through the near grid-lock traffic from the airport was proving to be a challenge in itself, and navigating the maze-like streets to find my haven of a hotel was a whole other ordeal. Luckily, Well Hotel Sukhumvit is situated in the centre of the city, and before I knew it, the warmly-lit lobby was before me.

Having just traveled to Thailand from my previous destination of Dubai, I was in need of some much-needed rest and relaxation. This is why I chose to stay at Well Hotel, a wellness-themed accommodation that puts its prime focus on the health and wellbeing of its guests. The 235-room property boasts spacious suites, an impressive (and included) breakfast, plus added benefits like exercise bikes and yoga mats in some rooms, a spa, Muay Thai cardio classes, and well-curated menus to help cure whatever it is that ails you.

I came across the latter a little later that evening, when I stopped by the Twist Bar & Bistro for some sustenance. Led by French Chef Gregory Caplot and serving seasonal dishes, I was offered a complimentary wellness drink upon arrival. Vividly green in color, the concoction is accompanied by an information sheet that tells me it can relieve headache and arthritis, treat ear pains, ease chest pains, and reduce fever and stomach spasms. I'm intrigued, especially when I take my first sip and find that it's equally as delicious as it is advantageous. 

But the health-centric menu doesn't stop at the drinks. Rather, a food therapy menu is placed before me, teasing of Thai remedies for jet lag, stress and anxiety, cold and flu, or period pain. Each set contains three staple menu suggestions, plus a recommendation for what your body needs to recover. For example, the jet lag set recommends fluids, protein, and carb-rich foods, plus theanine and melatonin. Considering my past 24 hours it sounds right up my alley, and I happily indulge in the suggested set of fennel soup, sea bass with brown rice, and a refreshing watermelon shake.

The following day I feel even more refreshed than I'd hoped, and decide to spend some time by the pool. Located on the rooftop, it earns a great amount of morning sun, and allows for some space to relax outside of the neighboring fitness gym. On my way I stop to glance at the class schedule, and discover that the one I was hoping to take part in — the Muay Thai cardio class — is at a time that is inconvenient for me. A shame, truly, since I'd heard such great things about it.

The rest of my afternoon takes me through the neighborhood, trying street dishes from local stalls and shopping at malls. Located just around the corner from bustling Sukhumvit road, it's all too easy to take the train to another part of the city, or simply lounge around in the area's coffee shops and restaurants. After a few hours at Terminal 21, however, I'm beginning to feel my feet, and decide to return to my hotel for some rest.

And rest is exactly what I get, practically guaranteed by my Deluxe Room in the welcome wing. Cool, grey-toned walls boast black-and-white art, blackout curtains provide privacy, and the incredibly plush bed tempts of sleep with it's well-placed pillows. The one on the left I notice says 'Sleep' while the other says 'Well'; a humble wish offered from my most gracious hosts. Before I settle in, I decide to enjoy a cup of tea and fill the oversized bath with complimentary vanilla and lavender bath salts. It's a simple pleasure, but combined with the rest of my experiences at Well Hotel it's brought me exactly what I needed: all the comforts of home, but with the care that I all too often forget to give myself. Thank you, Well Hotel, for finding me just when I needed it. 

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