Bangkok Prison-Themed Hostel

If you were given the chance to stay in a prison for the night, would you? How about a luxury prison? It may seem like a bizarre concept, but a new hostel in Thailand has certainly been turning heads with this unique theme inspired by the famous movie, The Shawshank Redemption

Sook Station Hostel located in Udom Suk in the district of Bang Na in Bangkok is inviting adventurous guests to spend a night in a cell behind bars. When checking in, visitors will receive a mugshot and striped pajamas before getting comfortable in their room - or rather, cell - measuring just eight square meters. Guests will also receive an inmate number, as opposed to a room key and receive a criminal record as a memento of their time in prison. Choose from a package that includes an eight-foot, two-person room with prison style bunk beds and a shared bathroom for 1080 Baht (approximately $30) or a four-person family room with a Queen bed, one bunk bed and private bathroom for 2000 Baht ($60).

If you're wondering why on earth anyone in their right mind would stay here, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the hotel also includes some comforts that aren't typically found in prison, including an outdoor Jacuzzi, relaxation lounge, and office space. Of course, you won't be locked behind bars either - free to explore surrounding sights like the popular Emporium Shopping Mall and Bangkok city center. Just don't go breaking the law, will you?