Any 90's kid will remember that scene of The Parent Trap where twins Hallie and Annie prank Meredith Blake by dragging her mattress out onto the lake in the middle of the night. Of course, we'll also remember how she freaked out when she woke up, but for us outdoorsy types, it's actually not a bad concept. 

If you're like us, you're going to want to spend a night in Thailand at the Bangkok Tree House. While there are many rooms more relevant to the name of the accommodation (like the Tree Top Nest and the Bee Hive), there's also an option to sleep floating on the river. 

Known as the River Nest, the bed (we can't quite say room, can we) sleeps two and is only available at certain times of year depending on the tidal season. The concept is to truly engage with mother nature, letting the soft waves rock you to sleep and the sunrise act as your alarm clock.

While it doesn't specifically say on the company's website, we can only imagine that the bed must be secured to something. After all, we might freak out a little too if we wake up somewhere completely different than where we went to sleep.

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