a couple having a romantic moment at the bed

You can pretty much bank on the fact that different people travel for different reasons. Some want to get out of that daily 9-5, some want to try an entirely new lifestyle, and others, well, they do it for the 'gram. There's also one other reason why some people take the time to go abroad, and couples, we're looking at you. 

Sex. Three little letters hold so much intrigue that it's the topic of locker room conversations, award-winning books, and at least one scene in pretty much every movie that isn't rated G. As it turns out, it's also the reason a lot of people travel, as couples tend to have a lot more sex while they're abroad than they do at home.

Now, a study was done by travel agency sunshine.co.uk where over 2,000 British women were asked how much sex they had during a three-night city break. The cities varied — as did the number of times — but Barcelona stood out among the rest as being the destination where couples had the most sex. 

Beating out New York, Rome, and even Paris, couples who stayed in Barcelona had sex eight times on average across just a three-night stay. That's more than twice daily, people. So if you're looking to get some, you know where to go. 

You can see the full city list (and their averages) below.

1.     Barcelona – 8 times
2.     New York – 7 times
3.     Paris – 7 times
4.     Rome – 6 times 
5.     Amsterdam – 5 times
6.     Reykjavik – 5 times
7.     Lisbon –  4 times 
8.     Dubai – 3 times
9.     Prague – 3 times
10.   Madrid – 3 times