dj playing for thousands of people at tomorrowland music festival

Where can you share your love of travel and music with the entire world? At the largest EDM festival known to man: Tomorrowland. This wildly popular summer festival brings in over 180,000 EDM lovers from all over the globe, and puts them all in one place from July 21 to 30. Imagine a summer where you’ll party from dusk to dawn, swaying to the beat, while making new friends. This music festival is guaranteed to create those epic summer memories you’ll remember forever.

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on Tomorrowland but needed that extra push to go, then here it is! This insider guide has all the must-know details that are sure to make your trip to Tomorrowland totally unforgettable.

How to Get There

Tomorrowland is located in a city called Boom in Belgium, between Brussels and Antwerp. There are many ways to get there but the most thrilling way features a Boeing 747 that will have you pre-gaming up in the air. We recommend travelling to Brussels via Brussels Airways; with 180+ flights from major cities around the world, it’s not only the easiest option but the most fun, as each flight is basically a party in the sky. Once you’re in Brussels, you can board a train to Boom which takes between one to two hours.

You can also purchase the Global Journey pass through the organizers of Tomorrowland, which includes plane tickets, accommodation at Dreamville or a nearby hotel, and transportation to the festival.

Where to Stay

Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, there are a few options on where you can stay. For a budget friendly and raw experience, there is camping right near the festival, on a campsite called Dreamville. At this campsite, you can set up your own tent or purchase a comfort pass, where organizers will set up an Easy Tent, Relax Room or a Dreamville Mansion for you and your squad. Whether you want regular camping or “glamping”, you can experience all of Tomorrowland right at your feet.

For a more relaxed and luxurious approach, consider staying in a hotel in Brussels or Antwerp. This way you can also take advantage of everything else Belgium has to offer, while partying it up in Boom. From here, you can take a 30-minute shuttle, taxi or bus ride to the whimsical festival.

Must-See Artists

This year’s theme is all about love and unity, and you can experience it all on the various stages Tomorrowland has to offer. With almost 20 stages and more than 400 artists performing, it's pretty much impossible to see everyone and everything. We recommend sticking by the mainstage, this way you’ll hear the beats from EDM fan favorites including Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Marshmello, David Guetta, Afrojack and more! If you don’t want to go for the big names and fancy venturing out to other sounds, you can visit the other themed stages, including Trance Energy, The Sound of Tomorrow and Cubanisto.

What to Eat

If you’re a foodie, you won’t be disappointed. Food is one of the highlights at Tomorrowland. Whether you want to grab something quick at the stalls or you would rather relax in a comfortable sit-down restaurant, you will be well fed. For something quick and delicious, there are a number of stalls that serve almost anything you can imagine. From salads to pizza, kebabs to truffle pasta, whatever you crave, you can get it here.

If you want a touch of luxury with your meal, you can choose from a selection of fine dining restaurants, which include a seafood restaurant, a Belgium steakhouse restaurant and the high-class Tomorrowland restaurant, which offers a magnificent view of the Mainstage.

What to Pack

You’ll want to make sure you bring comfortable, appropriate-for-festival clothing for Tomorrowland. Rain or shine, you’ll be partying all day, so a rain jacket is an essential item. As for accessories, flower crowns, chokers, jewelry, metallic tattoos and sunglasses are all popular choices.

Aside from clothing, you’ll want to pack a water bottle to keep you from getting dehydrated and bring a backpack to carry your phone, wallet and camera. And if you're feeling patriotic, you can always bring your home country's flag along for the ride. Wear it proudly and make some awesome new friends from around the globe while doing so.

What VIP Gets You

If you want to experience Tomorrowland in the most exclusive and luxurious way, consider the Table Package. Giving you and a minimum of 10 guests an experience unlike any other, an exclusive table will cost you roughly $11,000 for three days worth of luxury, which of course includes free drinks. Going VIP also gives you access to comfort areas, dedicated water service, a wide selection of liquors or soft drinks and delicious finger food right at your service.

In Dreamville, you can also stay at the luxurious Dreamville Mansion, an accommodation for 12 guests, featuring a fully equipped bed and a private lounge terrace. For an additional cost, you can also request room service, a butler and massage service.

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