Berlin landscape Germany view city

Like most European cities, centuries-old Berlin is often thought of for its history. Though its past is ripe with turbulent times — and the iconic landmarks like the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate that came out of it — that doesn't mean that's all there is to this lively, exuberant city. After all, the past is the past.

Don't get us wrong, the above landmarks are not to be missed, but the culture, lifestyle, and nightlife scenes are just as noteworthy. Here in Berlin, you can walk the streets in the sunset glow and follow the crowds to an underground club as the cloak of night comes your way. You can dance in the streets with a beer in hand, and applaud an impromptu band from under a bridge. Here in Berlin, individualists and artists influence what might be one of the most eccentric cities in the continent.

And don't let the graffitied walls of Kreuzberg or the rich palaces and parks of Charlottenburg throw you off. Berlin offers an eclectic mix of cultures; one of which you can only truly experience when you experience all parts. So let us give you a sample of what to expect. In all likelihood, it will convince you that a trip to Berlin is definitely a trip worth doing.