Touring has ground to a halt and you’re sitting in your house wondering when you’ll finally be able to head out to your favourite venue for some well-deserved beverages and amazing music with all your beautiful friends.

We feel you, and we’re all getting worn out holding our breath. Until that moment arrives, at least we have WiFi, laptops, and a selection of world-class DJs spinning some of their favourite tunes for us from the cozy confines of their homes.


In March, Diplo kept the hustle alive when he began live-streaming sets from his living room. Surrounded by candles and Christmas lights, the Major Lazer alumnus paid homage to his early 'Hollertronix' parties with a set called Ronatronix, consisting mostly of house music with mixed in with cuts from Billie Eilish, New Order, Busta Rhymes and Enya.

The series of live broadcasts, streamed directly from his house in the Hollywood Hills, air every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on various social media platforms. All of which can be found on Launchtrip +.

But it's not just the music providing the entertainment – Instagram makes it possible for a fan to utilize Diplo’s split-screen video feed for those willing to “go live” with the superstar DJ, and some of the cameos have been absolutely wild. Check out Diplo’s entire hour-and-a-half-long Ronatronix set here.


Plenty of other DJs are getting in on the live-streaming action, too. Derrick Jones, a.k.a. D-Nice is using Instagram live for his weekly Club Quarantine/Home School sessions, which have attracted virtual visitors like Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Drake, Joe Biden, and even Mark Zuckerberg.

The Bronx-born, LA-based DJ, producer, and rapper launched his career as a teen in the mid-80s as a member of Boogie Down Productions. But it’s not until recently, with his quarantine-ready, dance-inducing sets featuring a vibrant mix of disco, funk, soul, and hip-hop, that D-Nice’s star has really shone.

During his livestreams, D-Nice reminds viewers to stay home and wash their hands, pays tribute to frontline healthcare workers, and gives shout-outs to organizations he cares about, like Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote.

In an LA Times interview, the rapper-turned-DJ said the whole experience of playing to over a hundred thousand people, including big name celebrities, had been a shock. “I mean, I haven’t left my house for more than a week, but I’m reaching all these people. You know, I’m just here in my living room. I’m halfway in my kitchen.”

But if you’re more into chilling than partying, Questlove has your late nights covered.

The Roots drummer, podcaster, author, and Tonight Show bandleader began livestreaming back in March with a marathon DJ set called QuestLoversRock. It’s a spin-off from D-Nice’s Social Distancing Dance Party which offered the finest in slow jams, slow wine and slow grind for all those self-isolating. Along with the deep cuts on display, Quest dropped some facts and commentary on the tracks he’d selected, and even did his best to crack a few jokes.

You can watch the entire four-hour QuestLoversRock set on YouTube, and make sure to check out Launchtrip+ to keep up to date with what's happening in the wild world of virtual events.