Christmas has come early to Boston, with one-way flights to the Caribbean for as low as $49 USD. Thanks to Norwegian Air, travelers can hop a flight from Boston to Martinique between January and March 2017, with tickets available to book from today until Thursday (December 6 to 8). Keep in mind the offer does not apply to weekends or public holidays within the stated travel period, and applies to only 50 seats on selected flights. What does that mean for you? You need to get on this, fast.

Martinique, a volcanic island in the French Antilles, boasts a culture distinctive to both French and West Indian influences. The rugged terrain has steep hills and narrow streets, particularly in the busy capital of Fort-de-France (where your flight will land). While it's here that you can explore an array of museums, you may also choose to travel north or south, where you'll encounter luscious rainforests or serene beaches, respectively. 

Keep in mind this fare is subject to availability, and additional charges for baggage may apply. Also, return flights to Boston are slightly more expensive, hovering around $130 USD in January, or $140 USD in February. Valentine's Day on the beach, anyone?