It’s not exactly a secret that getting stoned makes you hungry. Before you buy out the Doritos from the nearest corner store though, maybe consider something a little more refined. Pot pairing is becoming a thing in Boulder, Colorado, and it isn’t the junk food frenzy you’d expect.

When Founder Kendal Norris woke from a dream filled with cannabis and cuisine, Mason Jar Event Group was born. It was that dream that continued pushing Norris to host dinners where each course comes with weed, and guests experience the flavor profiles that the pairing creates.

The last four-course extravaganza featured slow-cooked pork shoulder with mole rojo, charred root veggies, green rice, and escabeche paired with Headquarters Cannabis Company’s Black Cherry Soda. The dinner also had a dessert, consisting of smoked (no pun intended) chocolate brownie cake garnished with mint ice cream, pine nut brittle, and flakes of cannabis-containing dark chocolate. Finally, guests finished their meal with a cup of locally roasted CBD-infused Steepfuze Coffee.

You can request an invitation for the next meal on January 26, but not much more has been divulged as of yet. The chef of recent dinners has been Top Chef season five winner Chef Hosea Rosenberg, though, so expect perfection. Also, expect to not only enjoy your food, but really analyze the flavors — you'll go from a stoner with the munchies to a cannabis connoisseur real quick.