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When it comes to spectacular views of nature, British Columbia has most of the world beat. Take those ever-popular Pacific Northwest vibes and mix them with the chilling aesthetic of the Arctic, and basically, you have the stunning province of BC. While you could easily book a hotel or Airbnb to experience it all, there's nothing quite like camping out in the wilderness itself. Here's a starting point for picking the most scenic spot.

Agate Beach, Haida Gwaii

First up on our list is the Agate Beach campground on the island of Haida Gwaii. Located along the north-western coast of BC, the Haida Gwaii (which translates to islands of the Haida peoples) is a spectacular chain of islands filled with boreal forests and icy blue waters. With Agate Beach located right along the ocean, it's become a famous spot for surfing in chilly waters or hiking up along the wooded North Pacific coastline. While a little more out of the way than some of the other spots on our list, plots are as cheap as $18 a night, so we recommend you book your spot ahead of time if you make the trip.

Bella Pacifica, Tofino

Bella Pacifica Campground is a cozy campground set on the breathtaking MacKenzie Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Perfect for anyone hoping to visit the shores of Tofino, Long Beach, or the Pacific Rim National Park, the Bella Pacifica Campground is central to some of the most stunning natural views that BC has to offer. Open for the 2017 season until November 2, Bella Pacifica has a wide variety of camping and RV sites to choose from. Better yet, the campground is located on a private beach, meaning you’ll have a tranquil experience in the BC wilderness.

Berg Lake, Mount Robson

Nestled beneath the impressive ice-capped Mount Robson, the Berg Lake campground in Mount Robson Provincial Park feels more like a Nordic campsite than a campground in the Canadian Rockies. Home to free-flowing rivers and reflective lakes, staying at any one of the many campgrounds in the park would be mind blowing. That said, the campground that runs along the Berg Lake Trail is probably the best in the entire area, with its spectacular views from the Mount Robson peak. Make note: this campsite is made for the experienced camper, as the campground is 21 kilometres (13 miles) from the trailhead parking lot. 

Crooked River Park, Prince George

Surrounded by the rolling hills and shallow lakes of Fraser Basin, Crooked River Park is a stunning spot in North Central BC. Home to three beautiful lakes and vast willow forests, Crooked River Park is a testament to some of the best wilderness in the area. Located an hour’s drive north of Prince George, the heart of activity in Crooked River Park is the sandy-shored Bear Lake. Here, campers can fish from the crystal waters and hike along the wooded shoreline. While the park is closed for the Fall and winter months, during the spring and summer there are plenty of campsites to be snagged up.

Golden Ears, Alouette Lake

Known as one of Metro Vancouver’s best campgrounds and home to one of the most popular beaches in BC, Alouette Lake at Golden Ears Provincial Park is truly a beauty to behold. With spectacular views of Maple Ridge and even more spectacular waters, visitors to the lake can swim, canoe, kayak, or just enjoy BBQ by the shore. The Alouette Lake Campground is a short hike from the shoreline, and is nestled in the surrounding woodland. It's extremely popular during summer, and starts filling up around mid-March so we recommend you book early if you’re planning to get a good spot.

Strawberry Point, Lilooet Lake

Stretched between Garibaldi Provincial Park and the Lilooet Mountain range, Lilooet is home to a sprawling fresh water lake near the southern tip of BC. Spanning across 25 kilometres (15 miles), it's home to a wide variety of campsites that dot the shoreline. One site in particular is definitely worth checking out: Strawberry Point. Located just along the sandy lakeshore, this campground is perfect for the casual camper and will satisfy some of the biggest nature addicts. Nestled right along the shore, and only 7 kilometres (4 miles) from the nearest road and yet somehow remains quiet even during the peak summer seasons.

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

The Gulf Islands National Park Reserve feels more like a Mediterranean coastline than a national park in BC. Home to diverse wildlife, fifteen different islands, and spectacular coastal reefs, this stretch of BC wilderness is certainly unique. Covering roughly 14 square miles and located at the southernmost tip of BC, the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve also offers visitors a wide variety of camping experiences. Whether you are looking for a more traditional night out under the stars or are looking to escape to the more secluded parts of the seashore, this spectacular spot will certainly satisfy.

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