If you've ever had the urge to hit up icy cold slopes in the summer, that may soon be possible. While British Columbia is home to many world-class ski resorts, they're often limited by fickle weather patterns, keeping the season to the usual six months of the year. Now that's all about to change.

Plans for Valemount Glacier Destination Resort were approved earlier this week, marking a spot in history for the first ever year-round ski resort in North America. Oh, and it's estimated to cost a cool $100 million, so you know it's got to be good. Construction work is expected to begin as early as next summer, with a projected opening date of Christmas 2018. Yes, that's right friends, after next Christmas you can continue skiing gleefully down world-class slopes all the way through the year. 

As hinted at in the name, the resort is opening near Valemount, close to the British Columbia-Alberta border. According to Tommaso Oberti, the man designing the resort, "This location opens lift access to one of the best snow zones and reliable climates for snow sports on the continent.”

According to the website, "there will be public access to large glaciers at over 3,000 meters (9,850 feet) elevation – the only such access in North America – and there will be a vertical drop of approximately 2,050 meters (6,726 feet), the largest in North America and third largest in the world. It will be a major sightseeing and year-round skiing destination, welcoming visitors from the nearby National Parks and from around the world."