Part of the resort on Calala Island in Nicaragua

One glance at this headline probably has you guessing — $100,000? $500,000? $2 million? After all, if money can buy happiness (and we're not saying that it can, but let's run with it), then what exactly is the cost of true tranquility abroad?

As it turns out, the world's most expensive vacation isn't within the US, Europe, or even Antarctica. In fact, it's to a tiny private island in the Caribbean. The $1 million trip includes one week on Calala Island, four luxurious beach-front villas for 10 people, a team of 25 staff members to dote on you hand and foot, and (of course) round-trip transportation in a private jet from any American city.

Better yet, a no-fly zone will be in effect over your little slice of paradise, resulting in the utmost privacy, and the amenities are unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. Think unlimited scuba diving on untouched reefs, a personal display of fireworks, and an unlimited supply of Dom Pérignon. Should you get tired of all that sipping and swimming, though, you can also take part in an actual treasure hunt — with $150,000 worth of gold bars and coins as the prize. Seriously.

Foodies can enjoy bespoke meals, caviar tastings, and even watch a personal chef catch a fish and create sushi within minutes. Cigar connoisseurs can design a box of their very own cigars, and everyone benefits from the on-hand Hollywood videographer and professional photographer, who will document all the best moments of the week.

Organized by luxury website, the price may be high but the intentions are good. Whoever has the cash to actually splurge on this will be able to enjoy themselves without any guilt, as $100,000 of the $1 million price tag will be donated to build a new school on a nearby island. So we can justify this as a good cause, right?