There's something ridiculously satisfying about completing a really long hike. Sure, the world's longest hiking trail might be a bit much, but when you have the option of taking it in shorter stints, the choice is all yours. Now, California's Catalina Island is bringing more to the table, with 27 miles of new hiking trails open for exploration.

The paths are an expansion of the 38-mile Trans-Catalina trail, and crosscross all over the scenic island with different levels of difficulty. As it turns out, it's all part of Imagine Catalina, a multi-decade project intended to promote wider exploration of the island. Out of the estimated 1 million visitors per year, only 22,000 actually make their way out of Avalon or Two Harbors and into Mother Nature — a statistic the conservancy is attempting to change.

As Suzy Gardner, chief development officer for the Catalina Island Conservancy, said; "We have to get people into the wildlands, so that’s the starting point is getting people out of Avalon. They’re not even aware that the trails exist or that hiking is available.”

Well, now you know.